What We Do

Family Health Care Gap Assessment and Enrollment Service works with employers to qualify their employees and their families for free or low-cost government benefits. Our skilled, multi-lingual enrollment specialists screen for eligible employees and guide them through the enrollment process.

Enrollment Specialists connect with your employees

We guide employees through enrollment process for free and low-cost benefits

Employers save money and reduce turnover

Why BeneStream?

For a few dollars a month per employee, we serve as your partner as well as your employees’ and their families’ advocate in educating and assessing the best and most affordable health benefits.

Importantly, Family Health Care Gap Assessment and Enrollment Service provides cost savings to employers that usually cover our fees.  Our process can begin anytime during the calendar year — it is not tied to open enrollment periods.

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Who we help

Our trained multi lingual eligibility specialists will assist your new and current financially challenged employees in gaining free and low cost health insurance for themselves and eligible family members. We have developed a successful screening and enrollment process that engages employees and guides them to the enrollment finish line.

We serve companies who have over 500 employees who earn less than $33,900 a year.

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