We believe
in the American safety net.

BeneStream was founded to address two realities:


Many public programs intended to alleviate poverty are underutilized.


Many solutions for low-wage workers are little known.

For example, we believe that vast numbers of eligible Americans would be well served by Medicaid. But this is only true if workers can surmount the obstacles to enrollment.

BeneStream’s mission is to bridge the divide between anti-poverty solutions and the workers who need them. We do this by helping businesses help their employees.

Our revenue comes from the employers and unions of the individuals we help.

Our formula is that a company pays for a service that saves employees money while providing superior health insurance and other benefits. The result then saves the company money through cost mitigation and increased employee engagement, attraction, and retention.

Everyone Wins.

As the headlines are written and rewritten about the next piece of anti-poverty legislation that might or might not pass, we will continue to create opportunities and get people over the finish line to access them.

BeneStream Team

BeneStream is a division of Workers Benefit Fund that delivers high-value group benefits to gig workers. We’re passionate about partnering with platforms, policy leaders, and labor unions to re-envision what’s possible for gig workers and their families.

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