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Medicaid Migration™ is a cutting-edge, customized screening and enrollment service that moves qualified employees onto free government health insurance, the Medicaid for the Workplace program. We utilize a proprietary screening platform that helps us capture as many Medicaid-eligible employees as possible.

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Join our rapidly growing Broker Partner network. BeneStream is sold by half of the largest health insurance brokerages in the country. Add Medicaid Migration™ to your medical insurance packages and see your fees rise while saving money for their clients.

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WOTC Partners

WOTC health is BeneStream’s one-stop-shop for businesses to utilize government programs, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Medicaid to increase cash flow and deliver high-quality benefits to their employees at no additional cost.

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  • Michelle López Human Resources Manager
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  • Alma Castel De Oro Enrollment Specialist
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