BeneStream’s Medicaid Migration™ service is best-in-class, consistently resulting in satisfied clients and employees.

Client Testimonials

  • BeneStream exceeded expectations from a service and results basis.

  • If there’s some avenue for [employees] to get free health care and that we helped them get that, it helps them stick with [our company] instead of going to the next guy with 50 cents more an hour.

  • It [the experience with BeneStream] actually surpassed expectations – going in I had no idea what to expect – I was pleasantly surprised that it went very smoothly and I didn’t have to do much except provide info…it went very well!

Employee Testimonials

  • You guys are great for coming in here, and helping me like this. My company is good for having you come in to help like this. It’s nice to have someone who does this.

  • Thank you so much. You have been so helpful since the first day. I really appreciate that. I’m grateful because now I can go to the dentist.

  • With Medicaid, we were able to visit the doctor and pay nothing, or a few dollars for a co-pay for a prescription. It was good, we were good.