Unemployment Insurance Savings

BeneStream Partners with UC Alternative, Inc. to help companies reduce Unemployment Insurance tax liabilities.

UC Alternative, Inc. (UCA) is an outsource provider of an unemployment claims management program. We partner with clients to seamlessly manage their unemployment claims process for the purpose of reducing their unemployment taxes. To accomplish that purpose, we rely on expertise in current law and exceptional management of the unemployment claims process. The key for us is that the claims process is a means to an end, and the end is lower client unemployment taxes.

The UCA partnership closes the circle for seamless services to Human Resources departments of BeneStream clients. We offer access to recruiting and onboarding through our applicant tracking, WOTC and Medicaid eligibility services and for terminated employees we offer a Medicaid alternative to COBRA and unemployment insurance cost control through UCA.

Next Steps

For more information, visit the UCA website at www.ucalternative.com or call (301)355-6249.

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