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Bundle Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Onboarding Software Products and Workers Medicaid

If you are participating in WOTC, you should be using Workers Medicaid. Both touch similar workforce profiles and demographics. Both involve screening which can be conducted at the same time and seamlessly through E-screen, the BeneStream portal that can be integrated with WOTC companies to make the applicant or new hire experience seamless.

Our WOTC partners including Hiring Incentives, Mckenzie Chase Management and Walton Management Services, have Workers Medicaid e-screen embedded within their electronic WOTC tool. But if you use a different WOTC provider, E-screen was engineered to facilitate an electronic gateway directly to our portal, eliminating the need for the BeneStream questions to be embedded with a new third-party partner.

Employers using onboarding software, other applicant tracking products or other HR software to automate recordkeeping and administrative functions want their job applicants and new hires to enjoy a seamless experience completing required forms. E-screen does just that. And, like with WOTC, if you are using a different vendor, E-Screen was built for easy integration. if you don’t yet have onboarding and other HR processes but are interested, we can provide you with a referral to a partner that makes the most sense for your business. Our current partners include FastrackOnboard and iCIMS.

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To find out how Workers Medicaid e-Screen can integrate with your onboarding platform or WOTC provider, or to see how BeneStream can bundle Workers Medicaid e-Screen with partner software or WOTC, email us or call 212-231-9720. Back to the BeneStream home page.

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