Process for New and Existing Employees

Our enrollment professionals connect eligible employees with government benefits like Medicaid, SNAP (food stamps), CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), Medicare, and Qualified Health Plans.

Employee Engagement - We offer advocacy, education, concierge support for enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP, referral for Medicare, and individual exchanges.
Ongoing Service - You’ll get support for changes in eligibility, renewal assistance, and new cases.

New Product and Process to Assist Terminated Employees

BeneStream’s Employee Termination Assistance Program provides counsel and enrollment assistance in obtaining free and low-cost health coverage for recently terminated employees, saving businesses the cost and administrative burden of dealing with COBRA.

Over the past three years, we’ve developed a successful screening and enrollment process for terminated employees with our Union partners. We work with the largest and most worker-friendly organizations in the country, and we bring that same expertise to you. BeneStream provides human resources with simple training, and more importantly a termination packet and dedicated call-in line. The enrollment, follow-up, and all other work is on us.

This program is pay-as-you-go. When terminated employees call us, we bill. If they never call, we don’t charge.

BeneStream Connects with Employees

On-site or via phone, BeneStream’s skilled, multilingual enrollment experts identify eligible employees and their family members and guide them through enrollment.

  • Because we’re not the company they work for, employees are willing to share sensitive personal details necessary for maximizing benefits.
  • Our enrollment specialists engage employees in their native language and work with them throughout the enrollment process until complete.
  • We foster ongoing relationships and keep enrollees up-to-date with renewals, deadlines, and new benefits offerings
  • We follow strict confidentiality rules and provide one on one support to employees engaging with bureaucratic processes.
  • We provide detailed and timely progress reports, with appropriate metrics and analysis.