A Message from Ben Geyerhahn: Where does Medicaid go from here?

Tuesday’s election outcome was a surprise to nearly everyone. The Republican party maintained majorities in the House of Representatives, the United States Senate, and gained control of the White House. Of course, this turn of events raises many questions about the future of the healthcare industry, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and Medicaid expansion.

What we know

  • Medicaid expansion is currently active in 32 states and being considered in other states, including some led by Republican Governors.
  • Many governors, like Matt Bevin (R) of Kentucky, support a continuation of Medicaid expansion. Bevin campaigned on rolling back Medicaid, but chose to retain it once in office.
  • Prior to the ACA, many large states (including New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Illinois) had elevated Medicaid limits and will continue with these programs regardless of what happens to the ACA;
  • Entrenched interests like hospitals and insurance companies rely on Medicaid as part of their revenue model and have fought to expand the program.

Where does Medicaid go from here?

  • According to Modern Healthcare, Medicaid expansion could continue under Trump.
  • While it is hard to predict the future, one possible scenario would be a move towards block grants in some states, similar to what Vice President-Elect Mike Pence advocated for when he was Governor of Indiana, a state in which BeneStream currently serves clients under Medicaid expansion.

BeneStream will continue to service its existing and future clients by connecting employees with Medicaid and other life-changing benefits. As our understanding of these election results develop, I will keep you informed and we are always open and available to speak should you have further questions or concerns.


Ben Geyerhahn

BeneStream CEO