BeneStream Announces Partnership with McKenzie Chase Management to Integrate Cost-Saving Offering

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Jay Strell

Partnership combines McKenzie Chase’s  Work Opportunity Tax Credit platform with BeneStream’s Medicaid Migration™ product

New York, NY, June 20, 2016 – BeneStream today announced a partnership with McKenzie Chase Management (“MCM”), a leading provider of tax credit and incentives consulting services based in Seattle.  This relationship will enable the seamless incorporation of BeneStream’s signature product, Medicaid Migration™ into both McKenzie Chase’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (“WOTC”) screening technology platform and FastrackHR, McKenzie Chase’s on-boarding software designed for small and medium-sized employers.

BeneStream is a health technology company that reduces costs for businesses by connecting qualified employees to government benefits including Medicaid for the Workplace and CHIP.  

“Our goal is to help our clients reduce payroll costs through our tax credit services and produce administrative efficiencies through our FastrackHR software,” said Mike Lancey, President, McKenzie Chase. “We are committed to working with industry leaders and BeneStream’s Medicaid Migration™ is an innovative product that has synergies with what  McKenzie Chase does. We are proud and delighted to bring it our clients and  integrate it with our products.”

“McKenzie Chase is a respected WOTC industry player and we are excited to combine our efforts to provide outstanding results to businesses everywhere. WOTC and Medicaid are complementary benefits since they impact similar groups of employees. Both our products lower costs and turnover for our clients while providing quality benefits to employees,” said Ben Geyerhahn, CEO of BeneStream.

Medicaid Migration™ saves employers the cost of insuring qualified employees by helping them access affordable, quality health coverage. An employee in a household of four earning up to $33,500 may qualify for Medicaid.  WOTC targets individuals in a similar population. Eligible individuals may include welfare and food stamps recipients as well as veterans re-entering the workforce. By integrating Medicaid screening questions into its WOTC platform, McKenzie Chase’s clients can easily screen and identify candidates who qualify for WOTC as well as for potential health insurance through Medicaid.

McKenzie Chase WOTC screening solutions save employers up to $9,600 per eligible employee, and average Medicaid Migration™ savings can range from $4,000 to $10,000 per employee annually.


ABOUT BENESTREAM—The Medicaid Migration Company™

BeneStream provides businesses with innovative, cost-saving products and services by connecting their qualified employees to government benefits.  The company’s exclusive product, Medicaid Migration™, delivers proven savings to employers by moving qualified employees onto free government-sponsored health insurance. Watch BeneStream’s explainer video here.

ABOUT McKenzie Chase Management

Since being established, in 1982, McKenzie Chase Management (MCM) has steadily developed into a leading provider of tax incentive programs; first in the Northwest and today throughout the United States. McKenzie Chase provides business with easy access to generous employer tax credits through a proven and compliant process. McKenzie Chase supports the government-business partnership, enabled by employer tax incentives, to provide jobs for those with historically high unemployment rates.
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