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WOTC health is BeneStream’s one-stop-shop for businesses to utilize government programs, including the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) and Medicaid to increase cash flow and deliver high-quality benefits to their employees at no additional cost.

How does it work?

WOTC health is a single platform that is integrated into your company’s onboarding systems over the phone or through our online API system where employees answer two online survey questionnaires.

We screen employees’ eligibility for tax credits, Medicaid, CHIP, food stamps, and ACA Marketplace assistance.

Qualified employees often include:

Food Stamp recipients
TANF recipients

What industries benefit the most from WOTC health?

WOTC health is a highly effective solution for employers in the Nursing, Eldercare, Home Health, Security, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurant, and Manufacturing industries.