Our Process

Medicaid Migration® is a cutting-edge, customized service pioneered by BeneStream that screens and enrolls qualified employees onto free government health insurance, Medicaid for the Workplace.

Medicaid Migration® utilizes a new government program that businesses are using in 31 states to drastically reduce healthcare costs and turnover while improving their employees’ health coverage.

State-of-the-Art, Accurate Employee Screening

We utilize a proprietary screening platform that helps us capture as many Medicaid-eligible employees as possible.

Modular and Client-Driven Enrollment

  • We are a trusted advocate for employees:
    • We do the “heavy lifting”
    • We work with the bureaucrats so HR doesn’t have to.
  • We do both on-site and over the phone enrollments.
  • We are experienced with both concentrated and dispersed locations & populations.
  • We help you monitor enrollment throughout the year, notifying you and your employees of renewal requirements and important dates.

Contact us to learn more about how BeneStream’s Medicaid Migration® service can reduce health insurance costs and improve your employees’ coverage.